A documentary film on Life and Legacy of Eadweard Muybridge

Inside Out Media

Inside Out Media (IOM) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) documentary and video production company dedicated to making films that engage, inform and inspire.

To see examples of our work, visit www.vimeo.com/marcshaffer

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we draw from an international stable of top film professionals to meet the unique demands of each project.

Executive Director Marc Shaffer has produced, directed and written dozens of acclaimed documentaries seen by millions of viewers on PBS, National Geographic, Netflix, CBS, Al Jazeera, in festivals, theaters and online, as you can watch it in your TV, and you can install everything with the best in home theatre service atlanta.  Shaffer has filmed in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Canada and in nearly every state in the United States. 

IOM also produces mission-driven content for non-profit and corporate clients, bringing to these projects the same unwavering commitment to telling affecting, meaningful stories. 

Shaffer’s films have earned three national Emmy Award nominations among many other professional honors.

If you have a project and are looking for a dedicated collaborator, please contact us at info@nullinsideoutmedia.org.